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  • The agencies personal on daily basis will do periodical check. Surprise night checks and inspection will also be conducted.

  • Agency will provide uniform, tie, shoes, cap and other required accessory to its security personnel.The contract for provision of security services will be for a period of twelve months, terminable with a prior notice of one month by either side.

  • The employer shall not employee our staff either directly or indirectly for a period of one year from the date of this assignment being withdrawn.

  • We request you not to interfere in internal administrative policy framed by the management of leopard security services.

  • Security personnel should not be used for any personal jobs in case of any damage or theft, Leopard security services will not be held responsible. 

  • We will make our senior executives available round the clock in order to attend any emergency calls.
    All the incoming and outgoing materials will be checked and would be recorded in the log book.

  • Regular training both professional and on job requirement is carried out by our regular training officer from the Well Qualified Trainer

  • Security management by Mr.Reddy he is professionally experienced in the field of security and vigilance. Rigid recruitment, training, selection and deployment, lateral monitoring of performance, feedback report and corrective action where applicable is carried out.

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